Nashville Named Second Most Affordable City in U.S.

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Do you know how much your dollar is worth? Well, the answer depends on where you’re living. For residents of homes in Nashville, your dollar is worth more than say residents of Boston or Anchorage. In fact, according to the Quarter Pounder Index (QPI) from NerdWallet, Nashville is the second most affordable city in the United States.

The QPI is a basic cost of living guide that uses the price of a McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese to gauge the cost of living differences between major cities. This is similar to the Big Mac Index that is used to compare cost of living between major countries.

After calculating the results, Nashville came in at no. 2 on the least expensive list at $2.59. The no.1 least expensive city was Conway, Ark. at $2.24. The most expensive city was Juneau, Alaska at $4.82. Overall, the median price was $3.52.

Having a lower cost of living is good news for the Nashville real estate market. This means that it is more affordable for buyers to not only purchase a home here, but also afford everything else they need in their daily lives.

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