Managing Your Money While Unemployed

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Money management is a skill that is truly invaluable. And with unemployment affecting so many people across the U.S., it is more important than ever to handle your finances responsibly. If you are unemployed and struggling to manage money, preserve your credit or even protect your Nashville real estate, a recent article on the Equifax Finance Blog from credit expert Mechel Glass may be useful.

The article, “Lost Your Job? Here’s How to Manage Your Money and Protect Your Credit Score,” offers several tips and strategies. Mechel Glass is the Director of Education for CredAbility, and she develops educational programs to help people with credit issues throughout metro Atlanta and north Georgia. She points out that managing your credit is especially important while you’re unemployed because potential employers will do a background check that requires applicants to have good credit. Although keeping up with your credit may seem nearly impossible with little to no income, Glass’ article provides the following advice for getting back on track.

- Check to see if you are eligible for unemployment benefits with your state department of labor.

- Have a plan to market or sell yourself to potential employers and ramp up your full-time job search.

- Set a goal for the number of people you will reach out to each week. Talking and networking with more people is vital to landing a job.

To read Glass’ full article and see all of her strategies, visit the

Equifax Finance Blog.

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