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Tomorrow is Saturday and that means shoppers will be venturing outside in search of deals. While most will head to the local malls and retail stores, some of the thriftier shoppers will go straight for the yard sales. After all, many yard sales have great items for a fraction of their retail counterparts. If you’re interested in doing some bargain hunting this weekend, Mechel Glass has some tips for you on the

Equifax Finance Blog.

In her article, “

4 Tips for Savvy Yard Sale Shopping,”Glass outlines some of the necessary preparations for successful bargaining. If you know what you’re looking for before you leave the house, you can stay on track and not be swayed by cheap but unnecessary items. Chances are good that these impulse buys will just end up in your own yard sale down the road. Make a list and stick to it.

When you find an item on your list, don’t be afraid to negotiate if the price is just out of your comfort zone. By the same token, if you find several great deals, don’t try to haggle over price on all of them. Your relationship with the seller is important and may be strained if you’re constantly trying to drive prices down.

Glass’ full article has several other helpful hints for securing some great deals this weekend. Visit the

Equifax Finance Blog and see if her tips can help you.

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